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Buddy Cabs

The name “Buddy” was inspired by the Indian Army where it is used as their companion and protector. The term “Buddy” is derived from the “buddy system” which implies matching two officers during activities and peacetime postings. This system guarantees that the two care for one another during war and in peace.

Besure Buddy is an initiative to empower the vulnerable section of society to meet their daily needs and we have a fleet of cars designed with a caretaker to transport you from one location to another.

Taxi for disabled people

The Process

We will provide mobility and a caregiver for the entire duration of the request, from a minimum of 2 hours. The services are freely available to guests during their travels. Some vehicles are accessible to disabled and elderly commuters and are equipped with state-of-the-art wired remote-control hydraulic lifts. This is useful for lifting wheelchair passengers or boarding a cabin without the help of a third party.

Apart from mobility, we will provide attendants and caregivers for your daily chores. Whether you are bed-ridden or using a wheelchair, we’ll take care of all your needs.

Our Vision

Empowering the more vulnerable section of society to live a more fulfilling life by providing them with mobility that is safe and reliable. Do this with the spirit of SEVA Bhav.

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Caretaker for elderly

What do we do

The vulnerable section of society is entitled to the best care, and most importantly, medical care. Our caregivers take pride in helping the vulnerable, taking them to the hospital, and assisting with their daily chores.

Buddy Cabs is a one-stop solution that meets the needs of our customers. People who use a wheelchair have to rely on family and friends to move from one place in the city to another. Commuting by public transport can be a hassle and quite stressful. We have developed an innovative solution to work around this issue.

Value That We Add

Non Emergency Medical Transport